Morphine salts

(Oramorph® , MST Continus® , Morphine salts)

Available as tablets or capsules.
Tablets, Capsules, Modified release tablets, Modified release capsules
Available as soluble tablets?
Available as a liquid?
Available as something for placing under your tongue?
Available as something for placing on your gum?
Available as granules?
Modified release granules
Available as a patch for putting on your skin?
Available as an injection?
Available as nasal/oral spray?
Safe or appropriate to crush
Not recommended. Enteric coated/modified release products should not be crushed. Use liquid alternative.
Additional information for Healthcare Professionals+
Generic name
Morphine salts
Usual formulation brand names
Oramorph® , MST Continus®
Is tablet/capsule specially coated?
Yes, some
Modified release
Yes, some preparations are modified release preparations
Film coated
Enteric coated
Sugar coated
Soluble tablet strength
Sublingual/buccal formulation strength
Granule strength
20mg, 30mg, 60mg, 100mg, 200mg modified release granules for suspension
Transdermal patch strength
Injection strength
Solution for Injection (10mg/ml, 15mg/ml, 20mg/ml, 30mg/ml), Solution for Infusion (1mg/ml)
Nasal/oral spray Strength
Available as a licensed liquid or special?
Are specials or imports available?
Liquid strengths
10mg/5ml, 20g/ml
Is the liquid medicine sugar free?
Licensed for administration via enteral tube
Advice on administration via enteral tube
Current resources suggest that it is likely to be safe to administer via enteral feeding tubes, however this is an unlicensed use of the medication. Clinicians should refer to specialist resources for advice on how to administer this medication via enteral feeding tubes.
If administered directly into the jejunum (i.e. through an NJ, PEJ, or PEGJ tube), monitor for increased systemic effects. Morphine has a high level of first pass metabolism, and such drugs, when administered into the jejunum, can have increased absorption leading to greater clinical effects and adverse effects.