• What is a Melt?

What is a Melt?

Although tablets are the most usual way to take medicines, many people have an aversion to swallowing them or physically find tablets difficult to swallow. Melts are solid medicines which have been designed to  be absorbed through the tongue.

Sometimes known as orally dissolving/disintegrating tablets (ODTs), melts are a convenient way for many people to take their medicine. Melts dissolve or disintegrate within around a minute in the mouth, without the need for water or chewing. As a solid dose forms they provide the same convenience as tablets for the patient being easy to carry around and usually having a long shelf-life.

They are designed to have a pleasant taste and due to the extensive blood supply to the tongue are absorbed quickly into the body. The rapid onset of action  is useful when quick relief is needed such as pain relief, treatments for gastrointestinal problems and anti-allergy medications. Furthermore, as they are absorbed in the oral cavity there is little opportunity for choking or aspiration i.e. inadvertently going into the lungs and increasing the chances of infection.

Melts are useful for anyone who struggles to swallow solid tablets with water, but only certain medicines are available as melts. Children, older people and those with a learning disability may find melts easier to take than solid tablets.