• Questions about your medicines?

Do you have a question about your medicines?

The discussion forum has been made available to allow patients and healthcare professionals to ask any questions which they have and to provide information to each other on anything which may help others.

Your questions and comments may include things like:

  • I cannot take X, does anyone have any suggestions?
  • I find that Y blocks my tubes – any ideas?
  • Crushing Z gives me a really bad taste – do not recommend it, or
  • Dispersing A seems to work fine for me – I do recommend it

All posts will be checked before appearing on the website to ensure that posts are accurate and contain safe recommendations, and therefore there will be a delay between posting a question or response and it appearing on the website.

Community Pharmacy Links

Below you will find a list of pharmacies that serve the community with links to their websites.

  1. Lloyds
  2. Boots
  3. Co-op
  4. Tesco
  5. Sainsbury
  6. Morrisons
  7. Asda
  8. Rowlands