Liquid medicines licensed for administration via enteral tubes

The following liquid medicines manufactured by Rosemont Pharmaceuticals have recently received UK licenses for administration via nasogastric (NG) or percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy (PEG) tube:

  • Furosemide Oral Solution 20mg/5mL, 40mg/5mL and 50mg/5mL
  • Ramipril Oral Solution 2.5mg/5mL
  • Metoclopramide Hydrochloride Oral Solution 5mg/5mL
  • Clonazepam Oral Solution 0.5mg/mL, 2mg/mL
  • Gabapentin Oral Solution 50mg/mL

All of the above medicines can now be safely administered through an enteral tube in the knowledge that no medicine is lost on the tube and that the tube is unlikely to block if the individualised flushing guidance is followed. Interestingly for many of the medicines the amount of water required for flushing has been identified to be similar to the dose being administered and therefore significantly less than that recommended in practice.  The manufacturer recommends that the flushing guidance for each liquid medicine, which is provided in the information leaflet, be adhered to, to ensure that the administration fulfils the licensing requirements.

More information can be found at:

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals have also announced that they have 75 medicines recorded as Halal approved – please see the individual medicines profiles for further information.