More information on magnesium

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The table below provides information on whether liquid, soluble or other methods of taking the medicine are available for commonly prescribed medicines which are available as tablets and capsules in the UK. In many cases a liquid medicine may be available if it is 'specially' made up either by your pharmacist or a specialist company. If your medicine is stated as not being available as a liquid then ask your pharmacist.

  • Name magnesium 
  • Brand name magnesium glycerophosphate, magnesium sulphate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide 
  • Liquid strengths or recommended dose Different strengths for different salts but dose is normally 10mL three times a day 
  • Usual solid dosage form Tablets 
  • Available as a liquid? Yes - containing different salts (As 1mmol/mL glycerophosphate oral solution - a special with Rosemont) 
  • Is the liquid medicine sugar free? Yes (Rosemont is, check with other manufacturers). Safe for diabetics 
  • Dissolve directly in the mouth  
  • Avaiable as soluble tablets? No 
  • Sub-lingual  
  • Specially coated? No 
  • Available as other formulations? Capsules, injection (2mmol/mL), sachet 
  • Note Use commercially available liquid if administering via a feeding tube 
  • Modified release  
  • Film coated  
  • Enteric coated  
  • Sugar coated  
  • Generic drug Various magnesium salts 
  • Safe or appropriate to crush Debatable 
  • Origin  
  • Prohibited  
List last updated : 22 January 2017